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Dividend Information

Palace Capital has a progressive dividend policy. Historically, we rewarded shareholders with an interim dividend in December and a final dividend in July. Since joining the main market, Palace Capital has moved to quarterly dividend payments, due in April, July, October and December.

Financial YearDividendsEx-div datePayment dateAmount
2019Interim dividend21/03/201912/04/20194.75p per share
2019Interim dividend06/12/201828/12/20184.75p per share
2019Interim dividend04/10/201819/10/20184.75p per share
2018Final dividend05/07/201831/07/20184.75p per share
2018Interim dividend22/03/201813/04/20184.75p per share
2018Interim dividend07/12/201729/12/20179.5p per share
2017Final dividend06/07/201728/07/20179.5p per share
2017Interim dividend08/12/201630/12/20169.0p per share
2016Final dividend07/07/201629/07/20169.0p per share
2016Interim dividend10/12/201530/12/20157.0p per share
2015Final dividend09/07/201531/07/20157.0p per share
2015Interim dividend04/12/201430/12/20146.0p per share
2014Final dividend09/07/201431/07/20142.5p per share
2014Interim dividend02/04/201407/05/20142.0p per share