Dividend Information

With effect from 1 August 2019 Palace Capital converted to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). As a REIT the Company must follow certain rules relating to the distributions it makes to shareholders, and how those distributions are taxed. 90% of the tax-exempt profit from Palace Capital’s property rental business has to be distributed to shareholders. This is known as a Property Income Distribution, or ‘PID’. Palace Capital can also distribute taxed income from its other activities, known as a Non-Property Income Distribution, or ‘non-PID’.shorter

Dividends are paid on a quarterly basis in April, July, October and December. Dividends may be paid as Property Income Distribution (‘PID’), Non-Property Income Distribution (‘non-PID’) or a mixture of the two.

The Company paid its first PID Dividend in December 2019 in relation to the quarter ending 30 September 2019. All dividends paid in respect of periods ending before 1 August 2019 will be ordinary dividends not subject to the REIT regime.

Financial Year Dividend Property Income Distribution Ordinary Distribution Total Ex-Div Date Payment Date
2024 Interim 3.75p - 3.75p 23/11/23


2024 Interim 3.75p - 3.75p 21/09/2023


2023 Final 3.75p - 3.75p 06/07/2023


2023 Interim 3.75p - 3.75p 23/03/2023


2023 Interim 3.75p - 3.75p 22/12/2022


2023 Interim 3.75p - 3.75p 22/09/2022


2022 Final 3.75p - 3.75p 30/06/2022


2022 Interim 3.25p - 3.25p 24/03/2022


2022 Interim 3.25p - 3.25p 09/12/2021


2022 Interim 3.00p   3.00p 24/09/2021


2021 Final 3.00p - 3.00p 01/07/2021


2021 Interim 2.50p - 2.50p 18/03/2021


2021 Interim 2.50p - 2.50p 10/12/2020


2021 Interim 2.50p - 2.50p 24/09/2020


2020 Final 2.50p - 2.50p 23/07/2020


2020 Interim 2.50p 2.25p 4.75p 19/03/2020 09/04/2020 (cancelled)
2020 Interim 1.30p 3.45p 4.75p 05/12/2019 27/12/2019
Financial Year Dividends Ex-div date Payment date Amount
2020 Interim dividend 26/09/2019 18/10/2019 4.75p per share
2019 Final dividend 13/06/2019 12/07/2019 4.75p per share
2019 Interim dividend 21/03/2019 12/04/2019 4.75p per share
2019 Interim dividend 06/12/2018 28/12/2018 4.75p per share
2019 Interim dividend 04/10/2018 19/10/2018 4.75p per share

There are implications for the taxation of dividends and if you qualify to receive your dividend gross of withholding tax, you should complete one of the forms below depending on whether or not you are the beneficial owner of your shareholding or an intermediary.

The completed form should be sent to the Company’s Registrar:

Equiniti Limited
Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex 
BN99 6DA

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Financial Year Dividends Ex-div date Payment date Amount
2018 Final dividend 05/07/2018 31/07/2018 4.75p per share
2018 Interim dividend 22/03/2018 13/04/2018 4.75p per share
2018 Interim dividend 07/12/2017 29/12/2017 9.5p per share
2017 Final dividend 06/07/2017 28/07/2017 9.5p per share
2017 Interim dividend 08/12/2016 30/12/2016 9.0p per share
2016 Final dividend 07/07/2016 29/07/2016 9.0p per share
2016 Interim dividend 10/12/2015 30/12/2015 7.0p per share
2015 Final dividend 09/07/2015 31/07/2015 7.0p per share
2015 Interim dividend 04/12/2014 30/12/2014 6.0p per share
2014 Final dividend 09/07/2014 31/07/2014 2.5p per share
2014 Interim dividend 02/04/2014 07/05/2014 2.0p per share